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Bohemian Switzerland

Bohemian Switzerland

A world of wild coves, chasms, sandstone cliffs and tabular mountains spreads out on both banks of the Labe River between Děčín and German Pirna. Its symbol is the unique Pravčická brána, the largest cliff gate in Europe, reaching an awe-inspiring 27m and the height of both arches goes up to 16m.
You can set out towards it from Hřensko, a former woodcutter settlement and the current gateway to the park. The settlement, with its 115m above sea level is at the same time the lowest built area in the Czech Republic. Another gem of this diverse countryside is the deep canyon of the Kamenice River, some segments of which are accessible only by water. A little boat powered by human strength will take us between the rock formations and the ferryman will acquaint us with the live and petrified inhabitants of the chasms… 
The unusual harmony of nature is given a finishing touch by numerous examples of folk architecture of carved and wood-framed houses in the municipalities fringing the borders of this unique territory. 
The Czech Saxon-Switzerland National Park is rightly ranked among the 21 most significant tourist regions in Europe.


Hřensko, Czech-Saxon Switzerland
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During our 2-day sporting-cultural trip, we'll be taking a look at the picturesque region of Czech Central Mountains, visiting the Terezín military fort, tasting excellent wines from the best Czech wine makers, and delving into the coombs of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

Bohemian Switzeland at a glance
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Mighty cliff towers, wild canyons, castles and labyrinths – that’s the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. A region of unique sandstone formations, a landscape literally destined for hiking. Our excursion is headed towards the largest natural cliff gate in Europe, Pravčická bránaWe pass through the canyon of the Kamenice River and navigate the quiet Edmund’s Pass by faltboat.