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Czech Paradise

Czech Paradise

Czech Paradise is our oldest protected nature reserve. Dramatic landscape scenery and the romantic atmosphere of historical sights are melded together into its poetic name. The unique jagged scenery of sandstone cliffs and canyons, fishponds, medieval castles and folk architecture etches itself into the memory of every visitor. The beautiful fairy-tale region on a surface area of 180 km2, a mere 70 km from Prague, is dominated by two vast rock towns. The peaks of bizarre sandstone shapes have been climbed by mountaineers from time immemorial, yet the labyrinth of cliffs intertwined by paths is a true paradise for hikers
The observatory on Kozákov is among the places of interest. The hill of volcanic origin, 744 m high, was and is a semi-precious stone deposit, and is also a sought-after location for paragliding. Another marked symbol Czech Paradise is the ruins of the castle TROSKY, built in the 14th century between two basalt hummocks. The towers of the ruins are an unmissable, dominant feature of the landscape. 
1.5 million tourists from up to 35 countries of the world make their ways to Czech Paradise annually. The area has been ranked in the prestigious European geo-park network under the auspices of UNESCO. It is thanks to the combination of natural curiosities, history and hospitality of the local inhabitants that it is rightly among the most favourite of destinations.
Price: from 180 €

The imposing sandstone towers of the Hruboskalsko cliff town, accommodation at a 14th century chateau, wellness with a touch of rock or the magical path along the Podtrosecké valley pond from a bicycle seat. We plan to view part of the unique Czech Paradise reservation from up close “without taking a breather” during the two-day trip. 

Czech Paradise sandstone rock
Price: from 99 €

A remarkable world of sandstone towers just an hour’s journey from the capital city. The one-day walking trip includes a tour of the rocky labyrinth of Prachovské skály, a tour of the Gothic castle Trosky and dinner at a medieval tavern with an accompanying programme.