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Sumava distant views from Lipno treetop walkway

Treetop Walkway Lipno is the first walkway of its kind in Czech Republic, open from July, 2012. It is delicately incorporated into the landscape around Lipnolake.

A barrier-free path will gradually lead you from ground level to a height of 24 metres, where you will traverse a secure barrier-free walkway to a look-out tower with a height of 40 metres. The trail is open all year round, and in July and August it is open until midnight, so don’t miss a spectacular night walk.


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Price: from 435 €

Getting to know Šumava up close is a MUST. An almost 190 km long mountain range and the largest NP in the country, a whole half of which we will explore over 8 days. We can look forward to secret peat bogs, majestic peaks, a glacial lake and well-preserved technical memorials. The close in beautiful Český Krumlov will be a fitting cherry on the cake after travelling through the magical and beautiful countryside of the Šumava wilderness.