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About us

We’ve been focusing on active holidays since 1993.

With a ticket in our pocket and a backpack, we’ve visited many countries, but we’ve neglected ours for quite some time. It was in fact our children who got us to replace far-off destinations with closer ones. We’ve grown up, our children have become teenagers. Since we’re still very active, we want to share our travel experiences with you. We know you can, because we can too…

Our aim is to show you our country in an active, but comfortable way, to poke around places not mentioned in every guidebook, yet beautiful and worth visiting. Our trips include a mix of cultural experiences, nature discoveries, gentle outdoor activities and local lifestyle. We focus on one to seven-day active trips for individuals and closed smaller groups connected by all these elements.

We take you to places which aren’t overcrowded with tourists, but which are nevertheless easily accessible from the capital city. With an experienced guide, you’ll discover various interesting nooks and corners of our country, get to know the ways of life of local inhabitants and visit wonders from the list of UNESCO sites.

We’ll be delighted if one of our destinations captivates you. The Czech Republic isn’t just Prague. We’ll do all we can to convince you.

The team