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Bohemian Switzerland at a glance

Bohemian Switzeland at a glance
Pravčická brána – the largest natural cliff gate in Europe
A faltboat cruise through Edmund’s Pass
The Labe valley sandstone canyon
Mighty cliff towers, canyons and labyrinths
What is included
Our whole-day walking trip begins in Hřensko, the lowest situated municipality in the Czech Republic (115m above sea level.) We first walk through the colourful small town with its many little shops. After about 3 km, we board the faltboat, which will cover an 800m long impassable part of the path winding through the bottom of the canyon.
From there, we cross the Kamenice rivulet and set off upwards to the Mezná settlement, where we can have a little bite to eat after the 1km long ascent from the canyon. From there, it’s just a few hundred metres along a comfortable, narrow asphalt road to the Mezní Louka crossroad. Pravčická brána, the largest cliff gate in Europe and a symbol of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park is roughly 3km away from here. After lunch we set off towards it. We might be puzzled as to how it’s possible that this grand arch 26m wide and 16 high didn’t collapse ages ago. And how did the writing engraved at a height of several meters get there? We’ll discover all this and much more when viewing the Pravčická brána grounds.
We finish the 13,5 km long circuit through the unique cliff labyrinth in the late afternoon, in the same place from which we set off.
7:30 – 11:00 transfer to Hřensko, start of the route – on foot; Edmund’s Pass and a faltboat cruise
The way to Hřensko takes about an hour and a half, although from as early as Děčín, the entrance gate to Bohemian Switzerland, we can admire the beauty of the Labe valley. We pass by the mightiest sandstone canyon in Europe, up to 300 metres deep in some places. A total of 52 sandstone towers rise above both sides of the Labe. In the lowest-situated municipality  – Hřensko – we go against the current of the Kamenice River, through the small town, uphill into the canyon, which gets ever narrower. After a pleasant 2km walk in the shade of the sandstone cliffs, we arrive at the start of a cruise through an impassable part of the path - in Edmund’s Pass. Observing the bizarre cliff monsters, we pass through an 800m long leg, through to Mezní Bridge, where we set off upwards along the green-marked path on Mezní Louka. It’s a bit of a slog, but well worth it. At the top, a wonderful view of the surrounding hills opens up. We here also have the chance to have some refreshments at the Na Vyhlídce Pension garden restaurant.
11:00-16:00 Mezní Louka, lunch at the restaurant U Fořta, 6km long Pravčická brána educational path
We now go just 1km further to the small settlement of Mezní Louka, where we spend a little over an hour over a tasty lunch. The best is still ahead of us – a marked path 6km long starts directly from the restaurant. We now move along the foot of the cliff walls hiding captivating geological images created by nature over thousands of years. And we now enter the Pravčická brána grounds. Our view will first fall on the Sokolí hnízdo chateau, which Count Edmund Clary-Andringen had built in 1881 in order to accommodate important guests. Pravčická brána, the largest cliff gate on our continent, cannot be overlooked. When walking through the grounds, we’ll certainly notice the engraved inscriptions from the 19th century. The owner of the local inn thus allowed guests to immortalize themselves directly on this monumental creation, for which he lent them a ladder. Part of the grounds also includes several views – one of them at the foot of Práčická brána, the rest a few dozen metres higher up on the surrounding cliffs. 
16:00-22:00 Return to Hřensko, dinner time and the journey back 
After leaving the grounds, we are awaited by a no less beautiful walk among the cliffs, with interesting stops, such as the cave of the Czech Brethren or Olgas Sturz, the place where Countess Olga Chotek apparently fell from her horse and survived the steep fall into the gulch as if by miracle. The event is commemorated by a small memorial tablet in a nook of the cliff. We return to municipality of Hřensko, our morning starting point, from the Tři Prameny crossroads, We allow ourselves at least an hour of time for dinner. The return drive is planned at about 19:30 pm.
Return transfer from/to hotel/airport, (car, minibus)
Full day English-speaking tour leader
Boat ride on Kamenice river
Snack, 2 course lunch
Trekking sticks (if required)
Drinks, insurance
One day active trips
Activity level: 
March – October
Tour price per person: 
171 €
125 €
99 €
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