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Czech Switzerland - overnight walking tour

Hřensko, Czech-Saxon Switzerland
Porta Bohemica - Velké Žernoseky wine makers
The royal town of Litoměřice
Terezín memorial
Pravčická brána and wild coombs on the Kamenice River
What is included

We begin our two-day trip to see the splendour of Czech Switzerland with a visit to the military fort at Terezín, in a picturesque countryside of volcanic cones – the Czech Central Mountains – and a stop for lunch in the historical vault of the royal town of Litoměřice.In the afternoon, we arrive at the municipality of Hřensko in the heart of the national park and immediately set off on our way to the Kamenice River canyon. We pass through the narrow comb in a ferry, go up on foot to the Mezná settlement and settle in a cosy pension. In the morning, we set off on foot via the captivating rocky labyrinth to the dominating feature of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park – Pravčická brána. Bad Schandau, a small spa town on the German side of the park, offers us rest at the Toscana Therme spas; and at the close of the day, on the way back, we taste excellent wine at the renowned Velké Žernoseky winery.

1. day
8:00 – 13:00 pick up at the hotel / airport, Terezín memorial visit, Litoměřice royal town, L                         
As soon as we leave the limits of the Capital City of Prague, we enter the valley of the Labe River, a land of hops, fruit and “Porta Bohemica” grapevines. We view the town of Terezín, with its vast and largely intact bastion fortifications from the end of the 18th century. In the main fort, during the 1.5-hour tour, we remember that this place once served Nazi Germany as a Jewish ghetto. For lunch, we have chosen the Radniční sklípek restaurant in nearby Litoměřice, which, along with a tasty meal served in historical vaults, also offers a tour of a part of the town’s underground passages.
14:00-18:00 the volcanic cones of the Czech Central Mountains, a swim over the coombs of the Kamenice River by ferry                   
The way to Hřensko takes about an hour and a half from Litoměřice, although from as early as Děčín, the entrance gate to Bohemian Switzerland, we can admire the beauty of the Labe valley. We pass by the mightiest sandstone canyon in Europe, up to 300 metres deep in some places. A total of 52 sandstone towers rise above both sides of the Labe. In the lowest situated municipality in the CR – Hřensko – we go against the current of the Kamenice River, through the small town, uphill into the canyon, which will become ever narrower.
After a pleasant 2km walk in the shade of sandstone cliffs, we arrive at the start of a cruise through an impassable part of the path - in Edmund’s pass. Observing the bizarre cliff monsters, we pass through an 800m long leg, through to Mezní Bridge, where we set off upwards along the green-marked path. It’s a slog, but well worth the effort. After almost 2km, we're at the little village of Mezná, from where a wonderful view of the cliff town below us and the surrounding hills unfolds. We settle in the cosy rooms of the Na Vyhlídce family pension. L
2. day
8:00-17:00 Mezní Louka, Pravčická brána educational path, Bad Schandau – Toscana Therme                          
After a hearty breakfast, we set off on foot a mere 1km to the little settlement of Mezní Louka. On a 6km-long marked path, we now move along the foot of the cliff walls hiding captivating geological images created by nature over thousands of years. After roughly an hour of trekking in the moderately demanding terrain, we now enter the Pravčická brána grounds. Our view will first fall on the Sokolí hnízdo chateau, which Count Edmund Clary-Andringen had built in 1881 in order to accommodate important guests.
Pravčická brána, the largest cliff gate on our continent, cannot be overlooked. When walking through the grounds, we’ll certainly notice the engraved inscriptions from the 19th century. The owner of the local inn thus allowed guests to immortalize themselves directly on this monumental creation. He lent them a ladder for that purpose. Part of the grounds also includes several views – one of them at the foot of Pravčická brána, the rest a few dozen metres higher up on the surrounding cliffs. 
After leaving the Pravčická brána grounds, we are awaited by an equally beautiful walk through the cliffs, with interesting stops such as the Czech Brethren cave. From Tři Prameny we set off along the winding forest asphalt path to Hřensko. This is followed by lunch at the U kostela restaurant. 
Within a few minutes, we arrive at the small spa town of Shandau, a well-known excursion place on the German side of the National Park. We’ll be stopping at the Toscana Therme thermal spas for 2 hours and can enjoy swimming amidst the colours, scents, tones and light in a special temple of flowing sound with a cupola with a 360-degree projection of dreamy coloured light landscapes.
17:00-22:00 Velké Žernoseky- a visit to the wine cellars, wine tasting, dinner, return D                            
We won’t be idle on the way back either, and we’ll be colouring our ride with a visit to one of the best known Czech wineries in Velké Žernoseky
The Cistercian Order from the Mariazell cloister in Altzell near Meissen was an enthusiastic builder of wineries in the Labe valley around Žernoseky. There is not a suitable side throughout the valley where grapevines have not been planted. The enormous cellar spaces, which originated at the time of their operation, bear witness to this.
The wine cellars and late Baroque chateau at Velké Žernoseky form an indivisible site which is historically, culturally and technically entirely unique in terms of memorials. It’s a unique and still functional interconnection of chateau buildings with vast wine cellars. The main façade of the chateau is not the entrance to the chateau chambers, but to the cellar spaces! 
We can look forward to a visit of all the cellars, a brief explanation on the history of viticulture and wine making, and of course, a tasting of several wine samples. Our trip closes with an evening bash at the chateau salon.  Arrival in Prague at around 22h00.
B, D
Transportation from Prague by car or a minibus (return trip)
Accomodation in two bedded room with private facilities incl. breakfast (Na Vyhlídce penzion)
2 days full day English-speaking tour leader
Boat ride on Kamenice river
lunch day 1, dinner day 2
2 hrs entrance Toscana Therme
Guided excursion to Small fortress in Terezin
Wine tasting in Velké Žernoseky
Trekking sticks (if required)
Drinks, insurance, swimming suit
Walking & hiking
Activity level: 
March – November
Tour price per person: 
285 €
199 €
183 €
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