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Sazava pacific railway – walk and raft tour

Canoeing Sázava river
A breezy ride by train over the craggy canyon of a golden river
Through a Wild West countryside on a canoe or raft
Tramp settlements with Indian totems
The highest railway bridge in Central Europe
What is included

After the First World War, this country saw the advent of a new lifestyle which called for a return to nature and an escape from city life – tramping. Posázaví became a favourite scenic locality, especially for tramps from Prague, and that’s exactly where we’re headed on our one-day trip. Using the local train, we quickly arrive at the southern outskirts of Prague, where a truly breezy experience awaits us between the municipalities of Davle and Jílové – the railway winds over a deep river canyon with steep cliffs, lined by hundreds of chalets literally hanging off the cliff. The train plunges into numerous tunnels. On the way to the river, we’ll be viewing a unique technical construction – an imposing railway viaduct and a former gold-ore mine, some of the shafts of which are accessible and are certainly worth a look. After refreshments at a hotel decorated in a Harley Davidson style, we finally board the boat. We cruise through part of the amazing canyon of the gold-bearing Sázava River with its numerous rapids, and at the end we try typical delicacies in a little tramp pub nearby.

8:00- 10:00 Meeting the guide at the hotel, transfer to the train station, scenic train ride                            
From the main train station, we find ourselves on the southern outskirts of Prague after a few minutes. The rocky Vltava River valley opens before us. The train slowly climbs the beautiful wilderness over the river canyon, in the picturesque village of Davle where the Vltava and Sázava rivers fork. The railway line was built at the end of the 19th century and is an example of the technological and technical skills at the end of the 19th century. It’s lined by numerous chalet settlements, the river pulsating beneath us in the depths. 
10:30-11:30 The highest stone viaduct in Bohemia, a visit to a former goldmine                              
After less than an hour and a half from the train stop, we go along a marked path to an imposing stone railway viaduct over the Kocour chasm. This is truly unique in technical terms. Italian workers, who’d had experience with similar constructions in the Alps, were sent for to construct the bridge. Their work was clearly excellent, which was proved by a thorough check in 2012 (i.e. after 112 years of operation) which found no significant signs of damage, and only a repair of the exterior of the bridge was undertaken. Just a stone’s throw from there, there’s also the St. Joseph mineshaft, one of the many mine works of a significant part of the local gold-bearing district, now accessible to the public.  
12:00-17:00 Cruising down a roughly 10 km stretch of river, with a lunch break                               
For the start of the cruise, we intentionally chose a 10 km long, slightly rapid-filled stretch in a deep, cramped valley, with log cabins literally hanging off the cliffs lining the river. After some brief instruction as to navigating a boat (raft) we plunge into the picturesque valley for about 3-4 hours with a short break for swimming and refreshments during lunchtime. In the municipality of Pikovice, before the train departure back to Prague, we’ll be sampling some of the quirky local specialties e.g. “Utopence” (pickled sausages)
Lunch packet, snack
Guide accompaniment from the hotel to the train station and the start of the cruise 
Return ticket for the train
English-speaking instructor for the whole day
Boat rental, including paddles, a vest and a water-resistant bag
Tasty lunch pack, including 1.5 l water 
Refreshments for the close of the cruise
Satchel for the tour (can be rented)
Neopren (can be rented, useful for April and October)
One day active trips
Activity level: 
March – October
Tour price per person: 
111 €
80 €
72 €
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