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4-7 days tours

Sumava Mountains

Fragrant woods and meadows, valleys lost at the end of the world, bottomless bogs, a glacial lake and vistas full of hills and mountains – that’s Šumava, the largest forest complex in Central Europe. Endless forests hide a stony sea, primeval forest, moorlands, fierce river currents and other natural wonders. The sublimity of the mountains here are guarded by beautiful castles (Rožmberk, Velhartice), and chateaus (Hluboká nad Vltavou). Unique built gems certainly include the Vyšší Brod and Zlatá Koruna cloisters, and of the folk architecture sights, one cannot leave out the remnants of original historical estates in the small town of Volary (14 carved houses in the Alpine style) when wandering. Exceptional technical sights also include two nautical canals, thanks to which the Šumava woodcutters were able to transport tree trunks from the mountains to the mainland. An attractively marked route passing one of the settlements through a 400m long water tunnel leads there these days.  
We can get to know the spirit of the Šumava wilderness, the hospitality of the locals, and explore its inimitable natural beauty on foot, by bicycle, boat and on horseback.  
Welcome to the land of memorial towns, majestic mountains and deep forests.


Price: from 435 €

Getting to know Šumava up close is a MUST. An almost 190 km long mountain range and the largest NP in the country, a whole half of which we will explore over 8 days. We can look forward to secret peat bogs, majestic peaks, a glacial lake and well-preserved technical memorials. The close in beautiful Český Krumlov will be a fitting cherry on the cake after travelling through the magical and beautiful countryside of the Šumava wilderness.

Giant Mountains

Krkonoše lie in the North-eastern Czech Republic, spanning an area of 631 km2 and a length of almost 40 km. They rightly rank among the Czech best. It’s our oldest national park (since 1963) and it’s been a UNESCO biospheric reservation (since 1992).
They’re the most frequently-visited mountains, although this doesn’t detract from their beauty in any way. They’re magnificent and harsh at the same time, and you’d be hard pressed to find such varied, attractive natural splendour. They boast unique arctic-alpine tundra, a breath-taking panoramas with inimitable, poetically named peaks, meadows full of all sorts of rare flowers, deep valleys, rocky ridges, torrents, waterfalls, glacial lakes and secretive primeval forests.
Countless mountain chalets, where you can often find accommodation to this day, are another phenomenon. The cuisine is also worth trying – where else could you taste soup from bread yeast?
Summit Of Snow Mountain
Region: Giant Mountains
Price: from 399 €

During a 5-days tour we get to know the broad region of Eastern Krkonoše (Giant Mountains). First we go by cableway to the highest mountain in the Czech Republic, followed by a whole-day colourful trek over the ridges and a visit to mountain farms with a display of sheep wool processing, an electro bike trip and well-deserved wellness.