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Kutna Hora

Kutná Hora, the former royal mining town, is among the most impressive historical settlements in Europe. Thanks to its wealth from silver ore deposits and the royal mint in Vlašský dvůr, Kutná Hora was the second most important city after Prague in the medieval ages. The greatest jewel is St. Barbara’s Church, possibly the most beautiful late Gothic building in the Czech Lands, and the Jesuit College by renowned architect Domenico Orsi.  The nearby gothic Hrádek, one of the oldest buildings in the city and now the headquarters of the Czech Silver Museum, offers visitors an absorbing exhibition on the history of silver mining and an excursion to an authentic silver mine.  
Kostnice is situated in the municipal part of Sedlec, 2 km from the centre. It is a cemetery chapel decorated with the bones of human remains built into pyramids, a bizarre monument of sorts commemorating the plague epidemic and the Hussite wars. And the Cistercian cloister a few steps from there hides the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary from the 11th century, the first cathedral construction in our country.
And the town’s surroundings? These are ancient villages, forts, castles, chateaus, cloisters, observatories and technical monuments. For instance, Chateau Žleby, 25 km away, with a vast game reserve where you can spot a grazing flock of white deer, is certainly worth a visit.
Since 2005, Kutná Hora has been entered into the UNESCO world heritage list.

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