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Posázaví is a beautiful wilderness with a ragged canyon of the Sázava River, where rapids roar and winding paths twist over the rocky slopes towards log cabins. And the “Posázavský pacific train” has been riding in this unbelievably hilly and rocky terrain for more than a hundred years. Young tramps chose the name for their favourite locale, projecting the landscape of the Wild West into the local nature as they imagined it from their readings of adventure stories by E. T. Seton and Jack London. 
15 tunnels were drilled on the railway built on difficult terrain, and the valley was bridged by stone and steel bridges. Hundreds of chalets spread over steep slopes above the river, tramp settlements with Indian totems, breath-taking views into the steep canyon-like valleys – all of this can be seen in a single day when we ride through the 10 km long Posázaví path. The canoe ride through the Sázava rapids from Týnec nad Sázavou is considered to be the most picturesque boating route in the country. And we can continue – in Posázaví we can also find Konopiště, the famous hunting chateau, or the eyewitness to ten centuries of Czech history – the ancient Sázava Cloister.  
The unusual landscape in the “Zlatá řeka” (Golden River) area is just 30 kilometres away from the southern end of Prague. It offers every sightseer a piece of history and pure, unspoiled nature. 

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