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Tábor is a town with an illustrious past, closely connected with Hussitism, an important chapter of European history.

The old town has the character of a Hussite fort, with winding, narrow little streets and rounded corners of houses, courtyards and cellars. The centre of the historical core is Žižkovo náměstí, dominated by a memorial to the famous military leader Jan Žižka. The square is bordered by valuable Burgher houses; there is a Renaissance fountain and the opulent late Gothic building of the town hall, which harbours the Hussite Museum and the entrance to the vast Tábor underground. In addition, you can also see the nearby Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Klokoty, a significant European Baroque work, from what was formerly Kotnov Castle, with its intact tower.

The number of tourist paths, the elaborate system of which is unique in Europe, beckons towards long walks and cycle tours. The ruins of the little castle Kozí, where the great Catholic Church reformer Jan Hus stayed, is among the sought-after landmarks near the town; and the Chynov caves, among the unique sights in Europe thanks to their geological structure, are a natural place of interest which will certainly captivate your attention. Instead of the traditional stalactite ornamentation, it boasts layers of marble with multi-coloured amphibolites.

Thanks to the large number of historical sights and its natural beauty, the romantic Tábor countryside spreading out in the basin of the peaceful Lužnice River is one of the most frequently visited places in the Czech Republic.


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