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Třeboň is among the most beautiful South Bohemian towns, and thanks to the wealth of water resources in its surroundings it’s often nicknamed the town of fishponds. It lies right in the heart of the Třeboňsko nature reserve, and is also known for its long tradition of fish-farming and spas. The historical square in Třeboň is surrounded by burgher houses with Renaissance and Baroque coats of arms, and is protected as a town monument reservation. Třeboň is the seat of the largest fishery in Europe and we can there also find the Regent brewery, which, with its date of establishment in 1379, is ranked among the oldest breweries in the world. Only in Třeboň can you taste carp chips during the annual fishing festival, or take part in the traditional autumn fishing out. The local carp meat is distinctive in its high quality, low fat content and specific taste. In 2007 it received a protected geographic appellation which applies in all European Union countries. The surrounding countryside is level, interwoven with a number of educational cycle lanes which often lead along hundred-year old fishponds with beautiful fully-grown trees. The terrains are excellently suited to leisurely sightseeing cycle tours. For its exceptional natural value, the Třeboň region was declared a nature reserve and a UNESCO biospheric reservation. This attractive region is like no other in the Czech Lands!


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