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Znojmo is situated on the way between Prague and Vienna, near the Austrian border. It’s known not only for its historical core with numerous churches, small winding streets and romantic nooks, but also for the scenic nature in the nearby Podyjí National Park.

The architectonic face of Znojmo bears testimony to the significant standing of the town during the past. The Znojmo underground, the vastest in the Czech Republic, emerged without any order from the 13th to the 17th century. The roughly 30 km long passages often run in four levels one above the other. But Znojmo is often referred to as the “town with predicate”, and wine tourism and cycle tourism is enjoying a boom here.

The road to Znojmo wines begins at the Louka Cloister, one of the most significant cloisters in Central Europe. It boasts a gallery, barrel-maker’s and wine-maker's museum, a wine store and several other points of interest. Sampling the local wine is a given. In the Znojmo surroundings, Modré sklepy in Nový Šaldorf or Malovaný sklep in Šatov are well worth a winery visit.

Until the fall of communism, the canyons and meanders of the Dyje River (which forms a border with Austria) remained hidden from nature and tourism lovers. The Podyjí National Park is distinctive with its exceptional scenery formed by a variegated mosaic of cliff amphitheatres, precipices, screes and the overbank meadows along the Dyje River. Over 42 km of the original flow there are no settlements until as far as the Austrian village of Hardegg. There are now over 80 cycle lanes, 80 km of tourist routes that have been made accessible, and there are even 2 routes for equestrian tourism.


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